1st Biennial of Small Graphic Forms „Between black and white…” (Rybnik, Poland)

Youth Culture House in Rybnik (Poland) invites everyone to enter the 1st International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms „Between black and white…”.

The term of works submission is over


Youth Culture House in Rybnik.


  • inspire to your own creative work;
  • forming and developing interest in less known art techniques;
  • cultivate technical skills in the realm of graphic art;
  • creating possibility to present the work of talented youth.


Title of the competition "Between black and white..." opens not only the traditional grey palette which is very popular in graphic art, but all the possible combinations of colours which can enrich prints by a range of dies and multiple imprinting. So then the lack of colours doesn't set a barrier, although use of them must refer to the subject area, mood, expression and many more important aspects of your work. The aim, of this year subtopic "World from an old photography", is to guide you to private archives or the museum collections, where you can find black and white or sepia photos, on which are still living beautiful ladies covered with long dresses and hats with feathers, men dressed in tailcoats and silk hats, horses, carriages, first cars, palaces or manor house, old apartments and alleys with cafeterias, shops with vendors…, all that you could have seen with an eye of a photographer and which could have been maintained since 1839 (the invention of photography) to 1907, the date when Lumière brothers introduced their first colourful photos to the World, in which we will not be interest in...


traditional techniques of convex, concave and flat printing, as woodcut, linocut, plasterprint, colography, copperplate, drypoint, aquaforte, aquatint, mezzotint, soft varnish, lithography, monotype and mixed techniques.

PARTICIPANT'S AGE: 12 – 25 y. o. in three age groups: 12-15 y. o.,  16-19 y. o.,  20-25 y. o.

WORK SIZE: max 15 x 21 cm



Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury, Pracownia Plastyczna „GiR-a”,
44-217 Rybnik, ul. Władysława Broniewskiego 23

DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK: in Latin alphabet block letters at the reverse side and containing the following information:

  • author's full name and age
  • institution (name, address, e-mail and telephone number)
  • teacher's full name (e-mail and telephone number)


Works made-up with other techniques which go beyond the graphic art, wrong packed, damage during transport, or incorrect described - are not going to be judge by the jury! All the works submitted for the competition will not be returned to their authors, they will remain the property of organizers, who reserve the right to publish them.

Entry in the competition is synonymous with the acceptance of the competition regulations, as well as agreement for processing personal data for organizational and promotional purposes.


The ceremony and the exhibition will take place in may 2015. All the authors of the awarded works will be informed by e-mail or telephone by the organizer. The proceedings of the jury meeting will be also available on www.mdk.rybnik.pl.